Superior Singing Method Review

My Journey into the World of Music

High school days in Dewort High School were full of fun and challenges. I won the heart of many with my beauty, elegance, poise, disposition and intelligence. Dewort High School was not only known for Academic Excellence but also for excelling in music competitions and as such the music club of the school was the most populated.


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Superior Singing Method

So many Students as well as Teachers thought I should join the Music Club of the school as my beauty alone would capture the heart of the crowd on mounting the stage but I always refused giving no explanation for my refusal.

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On a pleasant afternoon, I was alone in the hostel singing one of my favorite songs when I heard some female students laughing out loud. I rushed to the door to see what was going on, and to my surprise, they said they heard a very horrible, unstable, husky voice coming from a room on the left and decided to take a peep. They laughed hard sharing the story with anyone that cared to know and I felt so bad.

At the time, the School was preparing for the next Music Competition and students in the Music Club as well as other students were to assemble in the hall every Friday for rehearsals. At the rehearsal, the Music teacher asked if anyone would like to sing and to my surprise I heard some student shout my name. The teacher called me out immediately, I was terrified because I didn’t have the vocal power and confidence to sing well, but I managed to walk to the stage, but sweating profusely. After singing about 3 lines of my song; there was a loud roar in the hall, everyone was laughing. I felt so ashamed, broke down in tears and walked out of the hall.

That night as I laid on my bed several thoughts kept rushing through my head. I remembered how as a kid I would not be called upon to sing in the Children department of the Church even though I really wanted to, I remembered how my Dad always told me to keep quiet and not disturb him with my horrible voice. As the thoughts rushed through, tears welled up in my eyes and I swore never to sing again.

The following week, the Music teacher called me and apologized, saying I have a very good voice range but needed some training. She offered to help me improve on my singing but I objected. I just did not want to have anything to do with music anymore. After much plea I gave in. She took me through a special therapy he called ‘superior singing method’.

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Superior Singing Method Review

After about 3 weeks of practice, I could sing and appreciate the rhythm coming from me. I joined the music club in preparation for the next Competition and when I was called out to sing, although nervous and unsure of what could happen, I gave it my very best and guess; there was no roar, no laughter only a loud applause. Everyone was looking at me in amazement till I finished my song. My ‘notes’ were perfect, I was singing to the beat and the rhythm being played. I could feel my head swelling and butterflies in my tummy. ‘This felt like Heaven’

I kept improving on myself, represented the school in six big Competitions and won 4 trophies. All thanks to my teacher who gave me this spectacular ‘Superior Singing Method’.

Who is the Mastermind behind ‘Superior Singing Method’?

Aaron Anatasi Superior Singing MethodAaron Anastasi

It is always great to discover the brain behind any product before giving a trial. This time around, I am truly satisfied to say that the maker of Superior Singing Method, Aaron Anastasi, truly has a great resume.

Aaron is initially from Huntington Beach, California and at present lives and works in Los Angeles. He is a man of numerous gifts. Notwithstanding being an expert artist and voice mentor, he is likewise an on-screen character and producer. Some of his movies include “Artisan Soul”, the shorts “vigilance” and “The Waiting Room”, the web arrangement “Adam and Jamero”

Aaron Anastasi is an expert vocal trainer with over 20 years of experience and he has likewise worked with a portion of the greatest names in the music business.

He is an expert and well regard singer, songwriter and vocal coach. He gathered his experience into the predominant singing technique which is a program that guarantees to demonstrate to you best practices to improve as an artist inside of 60 days or less.

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Wait a Minute! What exactly is Superior Singing Method?

superior singing method program reviewSuperior Singing Method Program

Do you want to learn how to sing songs well? Are you terrified for your lack of vocal power and control? Superior singing method program is a 8 step training modules, 50 step by step videos,31 dynamic audio vocal lessons and easy to follow step by step tips and techniques, that helps you sing with freedom, confident, control, power, better tongue and also help you sing higher note without strain.

It’s a word multimedia home training program that shows you how to unlock your singing ability making you become a professional singer. The beauty of this method is that you don’t have to get a private tutor or sort for private classes, because you can watch this in the comfort of your house and listen to the audio workout tips and practice in the showers.

No wonder almost 15,000 singles, artist and vocalist all over the world has used and attested that the superior singing method has made them better and they have much so much progress that they never thought possible.
Do I think I can learn singing alone with this video course?

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At the moment I came across this program, the same thought went through my mind that you are most likely supposing now: would you be able to learn singing through a Video course? That is to say, don’t you have to sit before a vocal mentor keeping in mind the end goal to hear critiques and have the capacity to make changes?

Clearly, it is desirable to have in-individual lessons with an expert vocal mentor who will have the ability to evaluate your capacities and individual qualities and shortcomings. Be that as it may, as I said above, a great number of people wouldn’t have the capacity to shell out the $100+ every hour that a decent vocal mentor charges. There are heaps of less expensive vocal lessons accessible in a few spots, yet these I can say are from educators who are not really gifted and rooted in music.

The magnificence of Superior Singing Method is that it gives the same activities, exercise and lessons that you’d get if you somehow managed to pay for lessons with Aaron Anastasi (his rate is $200 every hour). You may not be getting the professional feedback, but rather you will find that your voice is impressively enhanced due to the activities and lessons.

What Does Superior Singing Method Teaches?

Are you eager to know what you stand a chance of learning in this course? Here are some of the highlights to be learnt in this amazing product.

aaron anastasi superior singing method

Learn how to sing properly and take your voice to the next level.
In-depth vocal preparing program that ensures to enhance your voice.
Vocal preparing HD features and downloadable sound activities will soar your vocal capacity.
Practices for building your range and Breath Control Tips.
Step by step instructions to perceive pitch and how to anticipate vocal strain.
Develop more Accurate pitch.
Diverse vocal warm up exercises that you haven’t seen anywhere else.
Develop your mix voice and learn advanced singing techniques.
31 dynamic vocal exercise audios
Better Vocal Control and unlock improved Tone.

What exactly is inside this 8 step training modules?

Module 1: Teaches you how to prepare your voice for advanced singing

This module gives you a prologue to the course and additionally tips for taking advantage of it. You will likewise get warm-up vocal activities. Regardless of the fact that you are as of now at a more elevated level in singing, don’t skip through this lesson!

Module 2: How to Control Your Breathing

Do you realize that singing is about your breath? This module gives you 5 activities and systems you use to pick up control over your breath.

Module 3: How to Improve Your Vocal Tone

Your voice is an instrument and you should have the capacity to change the sounds you make with a specific end goal to convey what needs be. The lessons in this module show you how to enhance your tone by controlling your larynx and nasal cavities.

Module 4: How to Recognize and Sing on Pitch

This module is the place we truly begin to get into some expert ideas, on the grounds that you can’t sing admirably on the off chance that you can’t perceive and control your vocal pitch. It is no more about your normal ability, however truly about working your vocal harmonies so you can control the measure of air going over your stomach. You will learn drills for slipping and muscle memory. This is one of the toughest modules in the course and you will most likely be going over the lessons more than once.

superior singing method program review

Module 5: How to Strengthen Your Voice

You may have thought fortifying your voice was simply an issue of singing louder, or getting more air into your lungs. This is not the situation! Aaron gets into some truly inside and out explanations about procedures, as how to put your tongue in your mouth, to show you to reinforce your voice without straining your vocal harmonies.

Module 6: How to Sing Higher Notes without Strain

Need to have the capacity to hit high notes like Mariah Carey? Trust me, it wasn’t regular ability that got Mariah singing like that. It is a mix of system and activity which permits artists to achieve an extensive variety of notes without devastating their vocal harmonies simultaneously. Aaron Anastasi makes a decent showing of lowering so as to clarify how it is done, for example, the larynx and breathing through the stomach. You will be stunned at how high of notes you will have the capacity to reach after these lessons!

Module 7: How to Develop Your Vocal Agility and Stay on Pitch

Vocal dexterity implies your voice will have the aptitude to move effectively and rapidly while keeping pitch. Presently, this is going to take a great deal of practice however Aaron will direct you through the activities so you will have the capacity to explore even the prototypes without having your voice split on you.

Module 8: Advanced Vocal Strengthening Techniques

In this last module, we secured dexterity. In this module, Aaron demonstrates to you best practices to consolidate readiness with energy to ace ideas like falsetto and vibrato.

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You are entitled to a Bonus, Yes a Bonus!

Aside the main course modules, Superior Singing Method likewise comprises of 4 bonus. These are:

Step by step instructions to Develop Your Head Voice: This in itself comprises of 7 features with activities and tips for building up your voice.
You get collection of 31 vocal exercises and daily Vocal exercise routines
Guide for Music Marketing: This aide will let you know all that you have to think about how to bring home the bacon out of singing.
Guide to Performing Live: Here, Aaron shows you how to beat your stage alarm and how to put on an execution that will have the group adoring you. .
You will also get One (1) full year personal email coaching

Superior Singing Method Voted #1 Best Online Singing Lessons Program

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My Deduction

Everyone would need great outcomes, yet results may not be accomplished without diligent work, time and exertion. Several folks only buy instructional classes just for the purpose of it but will never do what’s necessary rather, they grumble of how hard it is and criticize the training as not good. This is extremely out of line. The Superior Singing Method is a great option for amateurs who want to advance their voice and possibly even chase a professional career. I’d actually endorse this course to anyone, even those who aren’t interested in chasing singing careers, because the vocal lessons can do wonders for your self-confidence. The next time you go to karaoke night, you will be the life of the party!

superior singing method reviews

On the off chance that you can add to these qualities, without a doubt, you will be a much better person. Superior Singing Method is proven to work and has received a lot of positive feedback and testimonials from the singing world, but it will only take you so far. So, if you do plan on pursuing singing as a career, you will eventually need to invest in professional lessons. However, by taking Superior Singing Method first, you can skip through the basics during those professional lessons (saving yourself a bundle in the process) and get right into the advanced techniques.

On the off chance that you have energy for singing, you know the significance of having a specialist guide you through it. Also, who is a more preferable vocal mentor over one who has worked with a hefty portion of the top music specialists and has been in the singing business for more than 20years?

Here is your chance to figure out how to enhance your singing capacity altogether from the comfort of your home without paying for additional singing lessons.

So with that, the superior singing method gets my 100% endorsement.

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Some of my folks gave this product a 5 star rating!

Here are some of my folks who gave this product a superb rating, it will be your turn soon.

“This is great! I am really enjoying these lessons so far, and I can tell that I am getting a little better every day. I’m on Warm-up 5 tonight, just finished the annoying nay-nays, I’m sure I woke my wife up and she must be thinking these lessons are really paying off. Thanks again man! This is money well spent.” – John, Sacramento

“Aaron I just have to tell you, SO much has grown in my voice! Depth, tone, clarity, and even the higher end of my range is more powerful! The breathing is amazing and the exercises are making my throat stronger already. I can sing longer (besides holding a note longer) fuller, and can really project almost all the way up my full range! I really want to thank you for being so uncomplicated, down to earth, and just…well Thank you! I am so excited for the future of this voice I am building, with your help.” – Kimberli

“Hey Aaron, I’ve played music my whole life (only started singing in senior school), during school I did multiple performances as I was in a few music groups but stopped music a few years ago when I finished school due to becoming busy. Just now I’ve gotten back into music and in particular singing. Today I thought I’d have a go at singing a particular song that in a performance I screwed up because I couldn’t reach the higher notes and stupidly just tried to force the notes (obviously that didn’t work haha). After just this first week of lessons the most amazing thing happened, I could hit all the notes of the song with ease! I just want to thank you for this course and to let you know that it’s awesome!!!” – Ben

Superior Singing Method Voted #1 Best Online Singing Lessons Program

aaron anastasi singing
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